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Spiritual Mentoring Programme

The framework underpinning this program is based on the ageless wisdom teachings in the Alice A Bailey books, particularly Esoteric Psychology Vol II, with a focus on soul development.

Readings from these books are provided.



Please download the programme's application form below and once completed send to:


Spiritual Mentoring Application Form

(WRD 97KB)

Spiritual Mentoring

The Southern Lights Centre offers an online Spiritual Mentoring programme for those who wish to pursue a spiritual path, deepen their inner union with spirit or understand some of their spiritual experiences but cannot commit to fulltime residential course.


Who does this program serve?


Those who:

  • want to commit to the spiritual path and to serving humanity and do not have the time or financial resources to undertake a full time residential course

  • are wanting to pursue a spiritual path as an experimental and practical process in which concepts are interwoven with daily life and spiritual practices

  • are aware of their inner spiritual resources and may have a history of spiritual experiences which they wish to understand and on which they wish to build more systematically

  • want to deepen their inner communion with spirit and share this with another person who is also on the journey

  • want to firm up their sense of spiritual calling to serve humanity.

Program content and method


The monthly modules :

  • suggest ways for you to ponder on your own self-awareness and meaning in your life

  • provide readings tailored to throw light on your particular experiences and queries

  • involve questionnaires, diagrams and models which provide maps for the journey

  • require a written report based on experiences, journalling, reading, life events, meditations, research, questions

  • include a monthly written response from the mentor

  • include one-to-one Skype sessions where helpful

  • suggest meditations and visualisations where appropriate or requested

  • are consolidated with two weekend residential retreats through the year at the Southern Lights Centre for those able to travel

  • explore the usefulness of group discussions with other mentees in the program

  • strict confidentiality will be undertaken with all information, written and verbal, provided by the mentee

  • will be underpinned by the mentor’s ongoing meditative pondering on the dialogue and reports and sense of direction of the mentee



$20 per month. This includes reading and responding to the monthly report, passages for reading, suggested meditations and visualisations, questionnaires, diagrams, further email dialogue or Skype. Fees are payable monthly


$200 for a two day weekend retreat payable in advance; includes food and one night’s accommodation.



Time frame for the program is flexible and begins and ends by mutual agreement between mentor and mentee.


Julia Tarnawsky

Julia’s BA in Psychology and Diploma in Education led to working in a private clinical practice as a psychologist for ten years in Australia with a particular interest in the psycho-spiritual growth of people in spiritual ministry.

She has a Masters of Science in Esotericism from the University of the Seven Rays (USR), USA and has a Certificate in Astrology. She has mentored students in USR's online courses.

Julia brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Southern Lights Centre, where she has lived and worked with her husband Orest for the past 7 years, promoting other’s transformation towards wholeness and service to humanity, the expression of spiritual purpose and soul awakening by using the tools and concepts of esoteric psychology and astrology.

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