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The journey for the Aries is to initiate on ever more subtle levels. The young, (in consciousness) Aries is acting out of desire and quick, impetuous and bold. Mars the red planet dominates. Ray One the Ray of Will and Power is most apparent, as is Ray Six the Ray of Devotion and Idealism.


This is a masculine and Cardinal sign (initiating energy).As the Aries progresses in journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul, Mercury becomes a secondary ruler. Initiation is then in terms of seeding ideas, leading from the mind. 


In the final stages of the journey, the initiate Aries intuits the Plan and initiates the next aspect of its unfolding. Uranus adds its influence by creating access to archetypes. And Ray Seven, the Ray of Ritual and Magic, grounds these archetypes.



The journey for Cancer is to nurture familial relationship. The young, (in consciousness) Cancer is very aware of the tribe and its collective identity. Symbolic family members allow for social expansion.

Creativity is experienced in domestic contexts. The Moon is the ruler and cancer ebs and flows in its orb. This is a feminine water sign, doubly emphasising the receptive emotional nature.

As the cancer progresses in the journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul, Neptune becomes a secondary ruler. The individual becomes more sensitive to the larger community and will be able to contribute to the creative life of the community or act as an intelligent guide for others. The Third Ray of Active Intelligence and the Seventh Ray of Ritual and Magic are apparent.

The Cancerian initiate acts with a compassionate identification with Humanity as the family. Emotion has moved to the heart.



The Journey for Virgo is to perfect and heal the self so as to be fit for service. The young (in consciousness) Virgo neglects the inner disciplines, but attempts to correct and organise the outer world. Through the rulership of Mercury of Mercury, the lower mind dominates. This is feminine earth sign; the Virgo seeks to support in practical ways.

As the Virgo progresses in the journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul, the Moon veiling Vulcan as a secondary ruler. The Virgo goes through physical, emotional, and mental healing crisis. This prepares them you be spiritual mothers for others through their own experiences. The Second Ray of Love/Wisdom and the Sixth Ray of Idealism and Devotion are apparent at this level in the inclusive one-pointed service contacts.

The Virgo initiate develops an all-inclusive philosophy that guides the work, Jupiter is the ruler at this level.



The journey of Taurus is to define and experience quality. The young (in consciousness) Taurus creates and attracts people and things, which are beautiful or valuable. They align with nature and sensually interact with it. Venus, our sister planet, dominates. Ray Four, The Ray of Harmony through Conflict, is apparent in the creation of beauty and also in the conflicts of 'mine or yours'.

This sign is and Earth sign, which gives it its easy understanding of the material world. It is also feminine which makes it more receptive than active.

As the Taurus progresses and is increasingly dominated by the Soul; Vulcan becomes the secondary ruler. The Taurean loosens their attachment to the form by seeing the inner quality and then creates from that sense of inner quality.



The Journey of Aquarius is preparation for, and then service to, Humanity. The young (in consciousness) Aquarian begins with the desire for all to serve them. Attention is sought by outrageous actions, rebellious attacks on convention, or noble isolation. Saturn and Uranus are the rulers and create paradoxical situations where the Aquarius uses society while rebelling against it. This is a masculine air sign; active mental and social expression.

As the Aquarius progresses in the journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul; Jupiter is the ruler. The heart begins to open and the effect is impersonal humanitarianism. The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge manifests through this sign at this level is used to create the technological advances the benefit of humanity.

The Aquarian initiate is the world sever. The vision is all-inclusive. The moon veiling Uranus rules at this level. New archetypes for social evolution are birthed and grounded.



The Journey of Capricorn is the fulfilment of ambition. The young (in consciousness) Capricorn has as an ambition the survival of many burdens of the physical world. They are earth bound and battle to succeed in the attainment of basic needs. Saturn, the planet of Karmic necessity, is the ruler. This is a feminine earth sign; attractive to material resources.

As the Capricorn progresses in the journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul; Saturn remains the ruler. At this level the effect is the emergence of self discipline and the acquisition of mental skills that allows for goal setting and obstacle removal.

Although the First Ray of Will and Power, the Third Ray of Active Intelligence and the Seventh Ray of Ritual and Magic manifest at all the stages of the Capricorn journey, they are fully utilised at the initiate level. At this level, the Capricorn aligns with the Will of God and Mind expresses through the Soul infused individual.



The journey of Leo is individual creative development. The young, (in consciousness) Leo creates out of need for attention; the little self demands to be seen. The Sun, the centre of our solar system, is the ruler on all levels of development. This is a masculine fire sign. Ray One of Will and Power and Ray Two of Love/Wisdom condition this sign. Often the result is wilfulness and self-absorption.

As Leo progresses in the journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul, Neptune's influence is seen in an individual who seeks to creatively stimulate others. Ray Six of Devotion and Idealism is used by the individual to commit to the path of creativity or loving.

The initiate Leo is aligned with the Will and Love of God. He is a transparent Self and each action stimulates the audience to greater self-awareness.



The Journey of Libra is to find balance in Relationship. The young (in consciousness) Libran is ruled by Venus. Her attractive power is used by the Librian to attract beautiful people and things to complete a partial self-identity. The traps are money and sex. This is a masculine air sign; assertion in the creation of relationship and ideas. The Third Ray of Creative Intelligence and the Seventh Ray of Ritual and Magic condition this sign and are used at this level by the Libran to spin a web and acquire what is desired.

As the Libran progresses in the journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul; Uranus becomes a secondary ruler. A beginning is thereby made in establishing relationship based upon Soul affinity; Right Human Relationship.

The Libran initiate glimpses the Plan and is active in materialising a New World Order. They work to set up financial and social organisations that reflect Right Human Relationship. At this level the Libran is ruled by Saturn.



The Journey for Scorpio is the transformation of emotional addiction patterns. The young (in consciousness) Scorpio uses a penetrating awareness of other's weaknesses to manipulate for the fulfilment of these addictions, The urge is for power on the physical, emotional and mental levels. Mars the red planet of desire is the ruler at this level. It is a feminine water sign creating a sensitive seductiveness. The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict conditions this sign and at this level conflict is most apparent.

As the Scorpio progresses in the journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul; the individual is still ruled by Mars. The desire, however, is to do battle with the desire patterns. As the healing progresses, the Scorpio becomes a skilled guide in healing of others and helping them reveal hidden potential.

The initiate Scorpio is ruled by Mercury. The Mind i aligned with the Soul dispels the mists of confusion that spin around the addiction patterns and freedom is attained. Healing occurs through clear seeing.



The journey of Gemini is the quest of relationship. The young; (in consciousness) Gemini is dominated by Mercury and the stimulation of the lower mind. Curiosity leads them to relate everything to themselves and communicate with agility about each connection. The inclusively of the second Ray which conditions this sign leads to expansion, experience and little focus. This is a masculine air sign.

As the Gemini progresses in the journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul, Venus becomes the secondary ruler. The individual comes to focus on the resolution of duality and becomes mentally creative.

The Gemini initiate sees with holistic vision. The Third Ray engenders inclusive reason. The rulership of Earth suggests an ability to see and initiate the Right Human Relationship with all kingdoms in nature.



The journey of Sagittarius is a quest for wisdom. The young (in consciousness) Sagittarius is exuberant and indiscriminate in the physical, emotional and lower mental stimulation. The horizon always beckons. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, is the ruler. Excess is the effect. This is a masculine sign; active physical desire. The outcome at this stage is abundant knowledge.

As the Sagittarian progresses in the journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul; the Earth becomes the Secondary Ruler. The individual seeks practical use for the knowledge required. The Earth is the ruler at this stage and transmits the Third Ray of Creative Intelligence. This creates a relationship of Mind and desire.

The Sagittarian initiate makes full use of the three rays governing this sign: Ray Four of Harmony through Conflict, Ray Five of Concrete Knowledge, and Ray Six of Idealism and Devotion. At this level Mars is the ruler. This produces one-pointed devotion of teaching of a practical philosophy that resolves conflict.



The journey of Pisces is sacrifice leading to the saving of humanity. The young (in consciousness) Pisces are themselves lost and need saving. They long to escape and do so in many ways. This is a feminine water sign; emotionally sensitive and receptive to others' emotions. The ruling planets areNeptune and Jupiter. At this level the results in confused spiritualism and undisciplined expansiveness.

As the Pisces progresses in the journey and is increasingly dominated by the Soul; Pluto is the ruler. Under the influence if the First ray of Will and power which it transmits, a little death occurs in the personality and a desire to serve appears. The Second Ray of Love/Wisdom and the Sixth Ray of Idealism and Devotion awaken compassion and sensitivity to need.

The initiate Pisces is aligned with the Will of God and a channel for the death and life giving First Ray of Will ad Power. They serve with complete freedom.

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