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Orest Tarnawsky

MSE, Trustee & Educator

Julia Tarnawsky

MSE, Trustee & Educator

Peter Richardson

Administrative Director

LLB, Trustee

Our People

Orest Tarnawsky

With tertiary study in visual arts and education, Orest had an early career as an art teacher and sculptor. Deep interest in the Ageless Wisdom teachings led him to attaining a Masters of Science in Esotericism through the University of the Seven Rays. Combined, these developed Orest’s passion for and skill in mentoring those on the quest towards awakening consciousness and in teaching the Ageless Wisdom teachings through creative expression, study and meditation to all that enquire the way. He has a particular interest in plasma, sound and electricity in their microcosmic and macrocosmic aspects.


  • Born Ulm Germany 1946. Ukrainian Parents. Australian Citizen

  • Trained at Newcastle Teachers College - NSW, Australia

  • Teacher's Certificate 1969

  • Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) Charles Sturt University

  • Master of Science in Esotericism - University of the Seven Rays, USA

  • Esoteric Psychology

  • Retired Art Teacher, Sculptor - trained National Art School, EST

  • Presently on the ESCEF board

  • Presently a Theosophical member conducting courses on "Soul Development"

  • A keen gardener, tai chi practitioner and walker

  • Involved in a number of service activities

Julia Tarnawsky

Julia’s BA in Psychology and Diploma in Education led to working in a private clinical practice, training social work students and tutoring trainee teachers where her passion for supporting and assisting others with their psycho-spiritual development began.  Building on this, she completed a Masters of Science in Esotericism and also a Certificate in Astrology.  Julia brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Southern Lights Centre promoting other’s transformation towards wholeness and service to humanity, the expression of spiritual purpose and soul awakening by using the tools and concepts of esoteric psychology and astrology.


  • Born Adelaide South Australia 1943

  • Trained as Primary School Teacher

  • BA, Dip Ed University of Adelaide

  • MSW (Eso Psych) 2002

  • Esoteric Astrology Certificate

  • Ten years in private clinical practice as psychologist in Adelaide (psychodrama, hypnosis, Jungian work, Christian counselling)

  • Lifelong educator in schools, universities, voluntary organisations (group work, social work, educational psychology, personality and spiritual development, supervision of student field work)

  • Masters of Science in Esotericism - University of the Seven Rays, USA

  • Leadership: President CG Jung Society of SA; founded DISSA (government supported self help group for people with Dissociative Identity Disorder)

  • Trained as Values Consultant; voluntary work with UNESCO-APNIEVE in professional development in values education with teachers

  • Currently teaching esoteric studies with the Theosophical Society

  • Currently team-developing of syllabuses for an internet esoteric education program

  • Increasing interrelationship with the land, towards sustainable living; walking and living in natural areas

Peter Richardson

As the Administrative Director of Southern Lights Charitable Trust,  Peter is responsible for financial, legal and administrative matters. He is a lawyer with a practice based in Christchurch and has had some 25 years in legal practice, together with some years in senior management with a large property management and development company.

Peter is a student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings of the Master DK, and has a particular interest in the synthesis of scientific discovery and eternal spiritual realities, a necessary bridge to advancing humanity’s awareness in the Aquarian age.

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