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Lawson Bracewell PhDE

Founding member deceased

Our Journey

The Southern Lights Centre was born from a desire to allow all who wish to experience the tranquility and uniqueness of our teachings and school in Akaroa. It incorporates the esoteric school, Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom.


The school is part of a spiritual tradition known as mystery schools. Throughout human history schools have existed in every culture to prepare the most advanced members of that culture for greater responsibility in leadership of the community. These schools provided tests of proficiency and knowledge which were called initiations. The indigenous people's of New Zealand, Maori, spiritual teachings were contained within a system of mystery schools which flourished throughout the North and South Island. A major school, within their tradition, was located on the Banks Peninsula. Christ College is a modern expression of this tradition.


The Southern Lights Centre encompasses the Ageless Wisdom teachings which at their core are a quest for understanding the purpose of the soul.


The school is run by the Southern Lights Charitable Trust and offers:


  • 8 month residential Spiritual Realities course

  • Outreach courses and workshops for the larger community

Once a month we hold weekend meditation retreats a perfect place to unwind, relax and recharge the soul.


Southern Lights Centre is a preparatory school for the coming Aquarian Age offering courses on meditation, esoteric psychology and esoteric astrology. We study the Ageless Wisdom teachings which are the accumulated wisdom from Humanity's quest for answers to the meaning of life.

December 2015


Registrations of the transfer of the land, and the refinance, have been completed.  Southern Lights Charitable Trust is in ownership of all assets and liabilities previously held by the three organisations associated with Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom.

We (Peter Richardson, Orest and Julia Tarnawsky) would like to thank all persons associated with the prior Boards for their patience and co-operation in promoting this transfer. We appreciate their contribution to establishing the land and the residential buildings, their effort in maintaining the property and ensuring its functioning, also their good will and support.


We seek to develop the vision created by Lawson Bracewell and Leonie Fanthorpe and would appreciate the continuance of your support and trust. We will continue to use the title Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom (and the logo) in association with the Meditation School and its functioning. Yet the overall administration rests with the new Trust.


We take this opportunity to acknowledge the help of all past donors; their contribution has been considerable and we appreciate this support.


We look forward to continue working with all supporters. Financial, meditative and advisory help will continue to be sought as Lawson’s vision unfolds.

Lawson Bracewell


It is with much sadness that we note the passing of Lawson - we have received many heartwarming tributes to Lawson - which we share with you below:


Dear Leonie, Orest, Julia and all Friends of Lawson,


Tuija and I want you all to know how much we wish we could be with you in person during the forthcoming memorial for Lawson. He is a man and disciple impossible to forget. His positive impact on so many lives was outstanding and there seems to be a hole in the esoteric community now--however active and caring he may be on the inner side.


So many have benefited from Lawson's sage and loving advice--garnered not from theory but fromliving through so many things from which so much compassion arose. Somehow he managed to touch the lives of, we think, thousands, and convey to them a deeper understanding of how to live more joyously and gratefully.


Lawson is a man and disciple of great courage. We use the present tense because, like so many, we feel his ongoing presence.  He always went first--paving the way for less hardy souls. He plunged in where many hesitated. And now he has gone on before some of us--into the inner worlds--paving the way for our arrival when the time comes for us to work again more closely together in another dimension. We simply have to admire his courage and his spontaneity--his willingness to BE exactly who he was and is. He is a wise man and his wisdom still pervades all he has touched and all that he will now touch.


It has been a honor to know Lawson and work with him--as he set a standard for untiring labor. We have always felt that whatever fate may have thrown at him, Lawson would always win, always prevail, always demonstrate that one need not be stopped by circumstances.


We are with you as you honor Lawson and plant even more firmly in the consciousness of many the great value of his most recent incarnation. 


Our association continues and in the great task of building the New Esoteric Schools of the future, we KNOW that Lawson will be at the forefront.


With love to you all and to Lawson,


Michael and Tuija

MSW, PhDe, Esoteric Astrologer. Lawson is Director of Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom, professional esoteric astrologer, University of the Seven Rays Board Member, author of the 12 CD series on Esoteric Astrology. And, grandfather.

Karma: The Perfect Pattern

Within a particular life there are many opportunities to practise its perfect pattern. The pattern descends with the soul into each particular incarnation. We can live our lives free from limitation, free from the negative associations of karma. Every relationship in each life is an opportunity to express the perfect pattern and beauty of karma.


The purpose of this book is to look at karma from an entirely different perspective to the one which is familiar to most readers. Karma will be presented as a perfect pattern, something which is exquisitely beautiful, resolved and complete. Karma patterns the matter of the physical, emotional and mental worlds so that they demonstrate the pattern.


In this demonstration, the chaos of matter, found at the grossest and subtlest levels, resolves into harmony. Matter no longer offers any resistance to the down-flow of energy. On all levels of reality, karma prepares the way for the intention and mind of God to manifest.


Buy Karma: The Perfect Pattern

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