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Spiritual Realities, Spiritual Courses, Ageless Wisdom Teachings

Spiritual Realities is an 8 month residential course which aims to re-discover your inner Self in preparation for a life of service to humanity.


The course involves a shift from a material and virtual emphasis to a greater consideration of the needs of others.


You will be assisted to clarify your life purpose and develop techniques to actualise your vision.

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded on completion.

Download our Spiritual Realities course brochure (PDF 699KB)

Spiritual Realities

Course outcomes:
  • increased understanding of your resources and talents

  • a clearer sense of your purpose, calling and place in the world

  • greater unity and synthesis in thought and understanding

  • an expansion in consciousness that apprehends alternative realities through the intuitive function

  • a values shift from a personal to a more global perspective

  • an appreciation of factors involved in the evolution of human consciousness

  • building a closer relationship between spiritually inspired ideas and their practical application

Ageless Wisdom course streams embrace:

Soul Astrology

The blueprint of energies influencing your life mission/purpose

Energetic Wholeness

Systems that promote healing (physical/emotional /mental)

Soul Dynamics

Awakening and care of the soul


Principles, practice and purpose; promotion of centering and expansion of consciousness

Realms of Human Functioning

Personal and trans-personal perspectives of reality


A study of the structures and laws of the universe

Fundamental Postulates

The essentials of the perennial wisdom


Expression of attributes and potential qualities in service to humanity


Please contact the Centre for information

Course Fees

Fees are for board and lodging only (food and cabin accommodation)

There are NO tuition fees

$250 per week (28 weeks is $7,000)

$100 resource fee for all printed handouts


Orest Tarnawsky

With tertiary study in visual arts and education, Orest had an early career as an art teacher and sculptor. Deep interest in the Ageless Wisdom teachings led him to attaining a Masters of Science in Esotericism through the University of the Seven Rays. Combined, these developed Orest’s passion for and skill in mentoring those on the quest towards awakening consciousness and in teaching the Ageless Wisdom teachings through creative expression, study and meditation to all that enquire the way. He has a particular interest in plasma, sound and electricity in their microcosmic and macrocosmic aspects.

Julia Tarnawsky

Julia’s BA in Psychology and Diploma in Education led to working in a private clinical practice, training social work students and tutoring trainee teachers where her passion for supporting and assisting others with their psycho-spiritual development began.  Building on this, she completed a Masters of Science in Esotericism and also a Certificate in Astrology.  Julia brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Southern Lights Centre promoting other’s transformation towards wholeness and service to humanity, the expression of spiritual purpose and soul awakening by using the tools and concepts of esoteric psychology and astrology.

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Residential Orientation Weekend

Before committing to the course we offer you the opportunity to experience an introduction to the school, meet your teachers and have any questions answered.


Dates:           Please contact the Centre

Cost:             $200 includes accommodation and food

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