2020 Meditation Dates

"Meditation Retreats"


"Full Moon Meditations"


the new dates for 2020 and now up on the 'Meditation Retreats' page

Webinar Series

"Ponder On This"


A contemplative virtual space for consideration of the deeper meaning and ideas for further study of those topics outlined in Ponder On This


For students and supporters of Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom and the Southern Lights Centre particularly those familiar with and interested in sustaining a connection to the teachings of The Tibetan Master as given to Alice Bailey


You can find out more information including how to register by visiting our Spiritual Courses page. 

The Temple


The temple is a unique space designed to marry heaven and earth, spirit and matter, the masculine and the feminine. It is a space that stands free from any religion or philosophy and offers any person(s) from any background a place where they can connect with their essential nature, connect with each other and find true meaning in their lives.

The Southern Lights Centre is open 365 per year, the Temple is always open for as long as you need.


Once a month we hold a meditation retreat on a Sunday, please visit our Meditation Retreats page to view dates for 2020 or call us to find out more

Welcome to the Southern Lights Centre

The Southern Lights Centre is a very special place nestled amongst native bush on the outskirts of Akaroa, New Zealand, high on the mountainous rim of an extinct volcano whose crater forms Akaroa Harbour. It is a place of pure energy and at its heart is the Meditation Temple, the Silent Space. The natural surroundings and expansive nature of the vista offers an ideal environment to study and reflect inwardly with a sense of peace and heightened awareness.


The Centre is linked with a global network of schools that traditionally have been known as mystery schools. It encompasses the Ageless Wisdom teachings which at their core are a quest for understanding the purpose of the soul. These teachings are the accumulated wisdom from Humanity's quest for answers to the meaning of life.


We offer opportunities for spiritual nourishment, from meditations and retreats to our new eight month residential course, Spiritual Realities. We are here to support you in rediscovering and developing your inner Self. We aim to prepare students and questers for a life of practical service, shifting towards a greater consideration of the needs of others and humanity as a whole.



Mission Statement


"To awaken human consciousness to spiritual dimensions and thus broaden the human perspective on world affairs"

Short Film on Southern Lights Centre

Watch a 'visit to SLC' that a recent WOOFER made.

Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks go to Stefan, the talent behind the camera.

Stefan Jungreithmaier

Director of Photography & Filmmaker

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433 Long Bay Road | Akaroa, New Zealand

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Southern Lights Charitable Trust relies on donations to be able to carry out its services and work. Any donations are sincerely appreciated and received with much gratitude.

If you would like to donate please email us at office@southernlights.org.nz

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